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Avoid NYC Skyscrapers – They Fall Down

It’s now been 10 years since 9/11…

OK, Class, Can you tell me how many buildings fell at the World Trade Center, on the 11th of September 2001?  Two? No, try again.  Three?  Yes – Three.  Two were hit by rather large aircraft, and one… was not.  This was not a workshed attached to one of the two Towers (with a capital “T”).  This was a 47 story monster; half the size of the two Towers, on the next block,  and … it … just … fell; collapsed upon itself, just like the Towers had earlier in the day.

This tower (with a small “t”) was known as WTC Building 7 (7 WTC), and it was the 3rd largest building on the World Trade Center complex.  It contained a bunch of financial facilities, Federal offices including the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Department Of Defense (DOD), Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and New York’s Office of Emergency Management.  It was developed by Larry Silverstein, who also developed the new WTC 7.  Given the relative ease of the first WTC collapse, one may wonder if Larry Silverstein was really the right choice to build the new building.  I’m sure he was.  The chances of something like that happening again are astronomical – that another skyscraper could collapse like that one did.  It’s never happened before – well, except for those other two in the same vicinity, on the same day, but they were hit by aircraft, so they have an excuse – and should never happen again.

Let’s take a “building inventory” of the World Trade Center:

Building 1 – (aka 1 WTC or the North Tower) – 110 floors, tallest building in the world from 1971 – 1973, shared with 2 WTC.  Collapsed at 10:28 A.M., apparent result of a terrorist attack.  (

Building 2 – (aka 2 WTC or the South Tower) – 110 floors, tallest building in the world from 1971 – 1973, shared with 1 WTC.  Collapsed at 9:59 A.M., apparent result of a terrorist attack.  (

Building 3 – (aka 3 WTC or the Marriot Hotel) – 22 floors, destroyed when 1WTC and 2 WTC fell on it.  (

Building 4 – (aka 4 WTC) – 9 floors, destroyed when 2 WTC fell on it. (

Building 5 – (aka 5 WTC) – 9 floors, damaged beyond repair from debris and fire.  (

Building 6 – (aka 6 WTC) – 8 floors, destroyed when 1 WTC fell on it.  (

Building 7 – (aka 7 WTC) – 47 floors, collapsed approximately 7 hours, 20 minutes after the 2 WTC collapse.  (

What caused the 7 WTC collapse?  “Official” reports indicate that debris and fire caused it (, while “conspiracy nuts” say that it looked more like a “controlled demolition” ( Not being a specialist in this field, but, having seen videos of other buildings collapse, I have to side with the nuts.  Take a look at these Youtube vids of controlled demo of other buildings (  Especially interesting is the Kingdome in Seattle and the Ocean Tower, because they look cool.  Las Vegas does this sort of thing fairly often (

In fact, I’m actually going to say it:  ALL 3 buildings look like they were the result of “controlled demolition.”  In fact, when I watched it on TV 10 years ago, that was the first thought in my mind, (“Why, that looks just like a controlled demolition”).

In this day & age, with computer simulations of everything under the sun (and more), has there ever been a simulation of the events that occurred on 9/11?  I’m sure there has, and the sims have probably been “tweaked” to demonstrate the point of the presenter, instead of showing the bare physics of the events.

Perhaps it seems too incredible to think of a scenario where 4 (count ‘em, 4) jumbo jets are stolen out from under the collective noses of the FAA, the US Navy, the US Air Force, and the Executive Branch of the US (i.e., President Bush), and all diverted to very visible targets in New York City and Washington DC (2 for each location).  Then, when needed the most, our own Home Defense Network took a nap!  Three of those planes hit their marks, and we’re to believe that a handful of rowdy passengers brought the fourth one down short of its target, something that the MOST ADVANCED MILITARY FORCE IN THE WORLD failed to do.  That’s going to require some more study.  In fact, there’s a lot about 9/11 that’s going to require more study.

If you’ve made it this far, I have a question:  what is “pulling?” (  If it’s what I suspect then I have to wonder if all buildings developed by Larry Silverstein have built-in “self destructs.” (  If not, and if pulling is what I suspect, then some company pre-wired explosives, at the very least, in 6 WTC and 7 WTC.  Silverstein not only knew about it, but, apparently ordered it!  Don’t forget – this guy is also the developer for the new World Trade Center.  Does it have locations for explosives in the blueprints?

So, the next thought is, WHO WOULD RIG A BUILDING WITH EXPLOSIVES IF THEY WEREN’T INTENDING TO DEMOLISH IT?  Also, then, were the other Towers also rigged?  Could the happenstance of 2 jumbo jets slamming into those Towers have set off a chain reaction that set off the planted explosives, which brought the buildings down?  Following this path you start wandering into areas of logistical planning, and you’re forced to wonder just exactly what really did happen, and who was really responsible.  That’s for another time…



Retired Army, living in Washington. Grew up in California.

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